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Mobile Marketing

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What is Mobile Marketing ?

Mobile Marketing Würzburg is a multi-channel digital marketing strategy that aims to reach audiences on their smartphones, tablets and / or other mobile devices through websites, email, SMS and MMS, social media and apps to reach.
Mobile Marketing is hugely important to a working marketing strategy. Everything that can be done on a computer is now available on a mobile device. You can check emails on the go, chat with your friends via WhatsApp, and so on. Effective Mobile Marketing Würzburg means understanding your mobile audience, designing content for mobile platforms, and strategically leveraging SMS / MMS marketing and mobile apps.

Mobile Marketing

Create a mobile-friendly website

A mobile-friendly website is no longer an option – it’s a must. The increase in mobile traffic combined with Google’s user-friendliness ranking factor means that a brand’s website needs to adapt to mobile devices in order to stay competitive. Mobile Marketing Würzburg offers all services related to effective marketing.

Mobile Marketing Würzburg Create Strategy

As with any marketing activity, each brand and organization will develop a unique mobile marketing strategy based on the industry and the audience. Mobile Marketing agencies will help you with mobile technology and handle everything related to customization and personalization.

Step 1: Create Personas for Mobile Buyers

Mobile Marketing Würzburg also means understanding your audience is the first step in any marketing strategy. Buyer personalities are a valuable tool to promote this understanding. Buyer personalities are simply fictional representations of your various customer types. Create a profile that describes the background, job description, main sources of information, goals, challenges, preferred content type, objections, and / or role in the buying process.
Mobile Marketing agencies are masters of analysis. You look closely and describe the mobility habits of your target group. How much of your internet use happens on mobile devices?
• 65% of all emails are first opened on a mobile device
• About 50% of users start their mobile Internet sessions through a search engine
• 95% of adults use their smartphone mainly to access content / information
Mobile Marketing Würzburg monitor Google Analytics for the specific mobile phone numbers on your website to better understand your specific target market.

Step 2: Set Destinations

The key to defining an effective strategy in mobile marketing is to first decide what the success looks like. Identify goals by asking your team some of the following questions:
• Are our websites mobile-friendly and accessible to every smartphone? This defines your starting point and ensures that everyone is on the same level of knowledge.
• You already operate Mobile Marketing Würzburg : Does the system work? Where is there room for improvement and what does not work?
• What are your main goals to include the strategy in your overall strategy? Discuss why you want to engage with Mobile Marketing in your strategy now and what you expect from Mobile Marketing.
• Who are your main target groups for mobile marketing?

Step 3: Set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or Key Performance Indicators

Just like your other marketing activities, mobile marketing needs to be tested and optimized. Determine which realistic, measurable KPIs determine the success of your mobile campaign. For example:
• Engagement: Provide mobile content to potential customers looking for information about your industry or product. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly to improve mobile search engine optimization.
• Acquisition: Make sure that important emails can be viewed on the go and that they are clear. Buttons in emails should be at the top of the message and big enough for easy typing.
• Customer Service: In a networked, social environment, customer service is a very important marketing opportunity. Your customers must be able to reach you via any desired platform.

Step 4: Monitor Mobile Marketing

After the implementation of the strategy, it is very important to check the effectiveness of the strategy at regular intervals in order to detect potential weaknesses.


A mobile marketing strategy is a big part of a strategic (long-term) marketing campaign.

Mobile Marketing Würzburg

is becoming more and more important for businesses today as more than 50% of searches on Google are made using mobile devices.

Mobile technology is not a fad that will disappear in the near future. Optimizing your mobile marketing strategy will give your brand a competitive advantage. Do not wait – get mobile today!

We provide a bespoke analysis of your mobile marketing strategy tailored to meet business needs. Don’t miss out on a huge business opportunity -go mobile!

Mobile First Design

We ensure a great browsing experience for all users with focused efforts on mobile and desktop.

Accurate Targeting

We know the potential for mobile marketing for business success that’s why our mobile campaigns are based on accurate targeting.

SMS campaings

We use cross-channel approach that integrates various mobile channels including SMS mobile marketing campaigns.

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