What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is next to Shopify one of the most well-known open source shop systems. The plugin for WordPress is available for free and can be easily downloaded via WordPress. WooCommerce makes sure that the functionality of WordPress will be further enhanced. Many online shop owners use the plugin to sell products or services in a simple and intuitive way. WooCommerce is basically equipped with all the key features needed for a working online store.


These include payment options, shipping and a customer area or a customer login. In addition, with the plug-in different optics for each
Set shop. Dropshipping can also be done with WooCommerce . In addition, the plugin can be used to monitor the entire shop, for example by displaying important statistics on sales. In addition, WooCommerce itself also offers many extensions with which the shop system can be modified or adapted to personal requirements.

For whom is WooCommerce suitable and what can you sell with it? 

WooCommerce is perfect for smaller and medium sized shops. It can be offered here a large range of products, which is more than adequate for most shops. In addition, users can quickly get into the plug-in and understand it quickly. By contrast, large shops usually use their own software and shop systems.
WooCommerce lets you sell a wide range of products. That’s why the popularity of WooCommerce is so big. Most commonly, the plugin will sell physical products. A special form of these physical products are affiliate products or external products. Especially people who are just starting their first online shop and can not spend a lot of capital often rely on external products because they are much cheaper. Likewise, the WooCommerce can be used for the sale of digital products. These include, for example, e-books, PDF files or video courses. People who own shops with bookings for certain services also often use WooCommerce . Furthermore, the plug-in can also be used to set up a ticket shop.

What are the benefits of WooCommerce ?

The biggest advantage of the plug-in, of course, is that this is completely free in its raw form. Anyone who creates a shop with this plug-in, therefore, must first spend no cost for the shop system. There are also many free extensions to the plug-in itself. This leads to the next advantage: Due to the many extensions, the shop system can be individually adapted to personal needs. Of course, there are also fee-based extensions, some of which offer particularly helpful functions. In addition, WooCommerce is always evolving from the huge community. The plug-in is always up to date and constantly improving.

What to look out for at WooCommerce? 

A WooCommerce shop basically needs a powerful server. Therefore, always a server host should be selected, which has such powerful servers or offers hosting packages that are designed for an online store. The performance of the shop is of particular importance. Especially when many visitors are in the shop at the same time, it has to run stably and be maintained over short loading times. So next to the server also some other factors must be considered: First, a cache should be used for the shop. On the other hand, it should be noted that images or large files cause the performance to suffer. These should always be optimized in advance. WooCommerce is the optimal solution for those who want to start small.

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