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The Barbuia GmbH is fundamentally a web agency and also offers you the App Development for iOS and Android. The benefits you get are enormous. The use of mobile devices, the responsive web design, ie the optimization for mobile devices are commonplace. But to ensure unrestricted access, an app is essential to your business. Therefore we offer you further services, like the App Development . You can opt for native apps , hybrid apps and your app agency of trust. We would be happy to describe you the benefits and the opportunity to earn even higher profits in a consultation. The times when your visitors or customers are sitting at their home PC are almost over. Mobility is announced and the ability to get even more information and current news with apps is in people’s minds. It goes without saying, which is why we are available to you as Barbuia Gmbh App Agency . The mobile devices are equipped with a comprehensive contact management, with camera and GPS modules. But even optimized websites can often offer only limited access to all functions.

App Development

However, making your business visible is important to attracting more customers. We offer innovative solutions for iOS and Android, namely native apps and hybrid apps . We also work with Titanium Studio, which allows for easy programming and navigation. In order to provide your customers and prospects with complete access, an individual App Development will be implemented, which will be installed directly on the mobile devices. With reference to your industry and your company, we at Barbuia GmbH make the App Development as the App Agency . According to your needs, native apps or hybrid apps will be developed with Titanium Studio for iOS and Android. If App Development occurs for a specific platform, users will notice it immediately. The scrolling is done with a special smoothness and the construction of the graphics and texts is done immediately. Thus, apps can be created that are equipped with only one function or even those that offer complete user packages. We adapt to your needs and of course advise you for the decision-making. Contact your App Agency as Barbuia GmbH and opt for an App Development that will greatly enrich your business. Special developments for iOS or Android can be carried out according to your target group.

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We attach great importance to the fact that our solutions are tailor-made and sustainable for your company. Thus, you are still competitive tomorrow.


The native apps that we at Barbuia GmbH can develop for you are characterized by the fact that they are adapted to the target platform. The bandwidth is very high, because such a native app is available for a corresponding device. Here, for example, functional tools can be integrated, it can be a fun application, or even a program package that your customers want. Your native app might be delivering up-to-date news, databases, or user interfaces. However, with so many software platforms in place, native apps developed for Android can not be used on an iPhone. The same is true for apps developed for iOS. However, the advantage is that it can be precisely determined based on your target group which predominant mobile devices are used. We are at your disposal as the App Agency and are happy to develop a native app for each device. The predominant programming language is iOS and Android, which is why we decided as Barbuia GmbH App Agency for this as well.

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Specially designed for a platform, the apps provide the user with extra comfort. The knowledge of users about apps plays a big role in this. You can instantly see if a particular app has been developed for your device. Many details can be seen, the scrolling is pleasantly light and compromises do not have to be made with a special native app. The full potential of the Android platform can be used with a native app. In the background, certain services assume assigned tasks and there is also the possibility of communicating between devices. Native apps for iOS provide the user with the expected and familiar experience of iPhone or iPad.

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Opt for the Barbuia GmbH App Agency, which can offer you an individual App Development. We are at your disposal with know-how and many years of experience. Our team knows exactly what your customers are looking for and what users expect from apps. To provide even more convenience and access, App Development is the next innovative step for your business. The most important point for you when deciding is that you can always rely on the quality of the software. We are aware that App Development has to be done very carefully, because the ratings are of enormous importance, especially for mobile apps. User feedback is visible all over the world and reviews are often merciless.


The hybrid apps can be developed for iOS and Android. Of course, for special other devices, but these two systems are probably the most used. Nowadays, apps are more than important to your business, too, and equate to responsive web design. The special advantage of the hybrid apps is that with only one development all mobile platforms can be covered. As “hybrid” already describes, it is a combination of web apps and native apps. With this solution, hybrid apps can play many system functions. Due to the applicable technologies such as frameworks and the use of Titanium Studio, the hybrid apps can access the hardware and software components while interacting with each other. Although the hybrid apps are not as operational as native apps, full access is possible. Acts always with the installed browser on the device. For very complex games, hybrid apps with Titanium Studio are not beneficial as they can cause problems here. But we as your Barbuia Gmbh App Agency have the right solution for every request. With a hybrid framework, such as Titanium Studio, you can choose a common programming language. Access to the hardware allows full functionality. We offer a variety of development costs. For example, an app can look native despite the hybrid framework. This may be the desire, for example, if this hybrid app should appear on an iPhone as well as a native app. The same is true for Android. Titanium Studio allows us to customize the app development. According to your wishes, we are available to you as Barbuia GmbH App Agency for the app development according to your requirements. Just contact us and we will take care of the technical and systemic implementation. We are proud to develop innovative and comprehensive solutions and to offer them to our customers. In addition, we involve you in the development process, so that in the end you will be 100% satisfied with the result. With a high-quality hybrid app with Titanium Studio you will certainly receive positive feedback from users throughout.
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