Auditing for WordPress


Auditing for WordPress

Auditing for WordPress – more control and visibility

What is Auditing for WordPress?

Auditing in WordPress helps you to have better control and visibility over your website. There are many different ways to perform Auditing for WordPress . An auditing attempt, also referred to as an activity log or auditing log, is a security-related log that records a chronological record of a sequence of changes and activities. As a result, a WordPress Activity Log usually finds a detailed record of all changes made on a WordPress site. For example, you can find information about who logged in and out, who published a post or page, who installed a plugin, and much more. Each recorded change in the WordPress audit log will record the time and date of the change, as well as the IP address from which the user has connected.

Auditing for WordPress

Why do you need a WordPress activity log on your site?

As part of Auditing in WordPress , the WordPress activity log is an important tool for monitoring WordPress user activity. With a WordPress audit trail you can monitor all changes and know exactly who did what and when.

Simple WordPress Troubleshooting

Auditing in WordPress gives you an in-depth look at possible issues. It’s very easy to track any changes that have occurred in WordPress Audit Trail. You can use the WordPress audit trail to control the changes and identify those that may have led to the problem.

Detect suspicious behavior and prevent malicious WordPress hack attacks

Auditing in WordPress allows you to spot various possible attacks before the site becomes corrupted.
For example, many failed login attempts generate 404 errors. You can use WordPress Auditing to be notified by e-mail when such malicious activity is detected in WordPress. So you can easily fend off the attack before it occurs. The WordPress audit trail is also included in forensics if your WordPress site is hacked.
For example, you receive a warning that a new WordPress user has been created, or users log in at unusual times and locations. Forensics is very important, because although your WordPress is hacked, it is very important to learn about the hack attack as early as possible so you can minimize the damage done to the attack.

Benefits of Auditing for WordPress

The WordPress plug-in for security auditing logs is an excellent tool for monitoring the security of your website.

Speed ​​

Loading a page should take no longer than ten seconds. If your website loads too slowly, it may even affect your ranking on Google. Auditing in WordPress helps you find the root causes of your website’s poor and slow performance.


Checking content is especially important for checking the quality and searchability of your website. Not only should you review the content for obvious errors in the copy or possible duplications, but also carefully review the tags and keywords used for your content. In this way, you can check if your website is sufficiently optimized for search engines.

What else is there to watch out for Auditing in WordPress ?

All WordPress websites used for the online business must comply with several legal and regulatory requirements. In addition to the payment standards, there are several other compliance rules and standards for each industry. All of these requirements have one thing in common: you must log all your operations on your WordPress website.

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