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e-luscious Germany GmbH

Since 2002, Weinvorteil sells renowned wines at spectacular prices over the Internet. And for many years, many wine lovers enjoy wines from our fantastic wine selection. has an enormous assortment of more than 350 wines from all the leading wine growing regions around the world. No longer paying too much for top wines, but simply shopping for fine wines, champagne or prosecco at low prices, which are then delivered to your home!

Ärztezentrum Hammelburg

We – the medical team and the practice staff – attach great importance to a personal relationship with our patients. Whether at the reception or in the examination room, you will always feel well taken care of and well advised. Our practice philosophy is to work with pleasure in a personal and relaxed atmosphere where you feel comfortable. Learn more about our practice. You are also welcome to inform yourself about our range of services – from diagnostics to therapy. With this website we provide you with an information platform around our doctor’s office. As part of our primary medical practice, we offer a wide range of general medical and internistic methods from examination to therapy. Get to know our services and our practice team here.

Origin Ceylon Tea GmbH

Mömlingen is the headquarters of the Origin Ceylon Tea GmbH in Germany – from there we sell our high quality teas in Germany and in Europe.

We are Europe-wide (excluding GB) sole representatives of high-quality teas from Pussellawa & amp; Maturata Tea Estates, with 16,000 hectares, two of the largest plantations in Sri Lanka. As a subsidiary of Ceylon Estate Teas Ltd., which acts as Exclusive Marketing Agent for these plantations, we source our tea from 36 tea estates, known as estates, from various growing areas – distributed in ‘high’, ‘mid’ and ‘low grown’ areas. This guarantees a year-round harvest and reliable delivery to our customers. Every year, Ceylon Estate Teas Ltd. with 12,000 tonnes of teas and 1.2 billion teabags produced a total of 4 million euros.

We adapt flexibly to your needs as a large or private customer. We can adapt the production at any time to your wishes and your calculation – this applies to quantities, types of tea, packaging and delivery.

DEHiG Deutsche Erste-Hilfe Gesellschaft mbH

The DEHiG German First Aid Society mbH, has set itself the task of: Sustainable quality improvement of first aid training and thus improve the survival rate of acute life-threatening emergency patients.

Vladon Möbel GmbH

Finally, everyone can afford individual furniture and fulfill their wishes. VLADON makes it possible. What used to be reserved for only a few people – even to choose, configure and have their own furniture made – is finally possible for everyone. You decide what your piece of furniture should look like: color, surface, handles and even lighting. Just choose as a customer and tell us what and how you would like their furniture. Only then will we produce your individual order for you. It’s almost like the old carpenter manufactory. Only at VLADON it is easier, because here you can comfortably choose from home and configure. And if you do not like it, just send it back. Because at VLADON you have the 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Coffee Advantage sells only premium coffee over the internet at a great price. Thanks to a clever purchasing policy and an extremely efficient management, we are able to offer top quality coffee at a fair business price.

Kaffeevorteil has an extensive range of coffees that come from all coffee growing regions in the world. In addition to widespread brands, we also stock exclusive premium brands. Your order will be delivered to your home in a maximum of 4 working days. If your order is in stock, you will receive it in the next few days. If your order is not in stock, we will contact you regarding the delivery time. If the delivery time is not acceptable for you, the order will be automatically canceled.

Simple and without any risk! That’s why you buy at


Order online wine
With Weinvorteil you can buy particularly favorable wine. Due to our keenly calculated purchasing practice and a very efficient company organization, it is possible to offer wine premium wines far below the usual retail price. At you can easily and securely order via the Internet and receive your goods delivered within 2 to 5 days directly to your home. Order your wine cheap and convenient at!

Since 2002, Weinvorteil sells renowned wines at spectacular prices over the Internet. And for many years, many wine lovers enjoy wines from our fantastic wine selection. has an enormous assortment of more than 350 wines from all the leading wine growing regions around the world. No longer paying too much for top wines, but simply shopping for fine wines, champagne or prosecco at low prices, which are then delivered to your home!

Anna Winter Yoga

9 years ago, my yoga career began with an intensive yoga education.

About jivamukti and vinyasa yoga, it led me to anusara yoga and here i arrived.

You can expect freedom in motion and a yoga from the inside out, which keeps the body healthy with precise alignment.

It is a development of one’s own practice and that of teaching, which is constantly moving.

Often, it takes time to open up to the depths of yoga and be ready to see and experience that beauty.

With a joyful ease, I teach a powerful Anusara Yoga, which supports the individual in his individuality and

Always in relation to yoga and to life, you are accompanied to see you
continue to develop the yoga journey and shape its own way.

In the spring, I finished my 300 plus training with the Anusara pioneers Lalla and Vilas Truske and refined in further exchange with the yoga couple my teaching.

From beginner to advanced I teach classes and workshops (also hormone yoga and pranayama), as well as personal yoga.

I am YogaAllience 500h Certified.

I’m happy for you!


Even as a 13-year-old student, Gosbert Stark’s profession was clear: graphic designers …
During this time, he was commissioned by a Würzburg monastic community to design a Christmas card, which was then also printed. Certainly decisive was certainly the profession of the father, who was a scriptwriter. At that time, the student could already see how writings were designed, constructed, enlarged and finally transferred to house walls, vehicles, etc. and painted.
Later, after graduating from the Humanistic Gymnasium in Würzburg and after the German Armed Forces, the training began first at the Werkkunstschule Würzburg, before it was then integrated into the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt.

At that time writing was still a subject of instruction, but was increasingly marginalized with the advent of the first typesetting machines.

The resurrection of the calligraphy began in an advertising agency that was looking for handwritten texts for a jeweler’s campaign.
The fascination of handwriting and calligraphy left Gosbert Stark from now on, but he quickly realized that he came as a self-taught to its limits. He joined the Kalligraphen Association Schreibwerkstatt Klingspor Offenbach, later also Ars Scribendi.
Only then did the ffaszinieende world of calligraphy open to him with the infinite possibilities and suggestions.
The contact with internationally renowned writers, font designers and calligraphers such as André Gürtler (Switzerland), Larry and Marsha Brady (USA), Jean Larcher (France), Prof. em. Gottfreid Pott (Germany), Ed Meyer (Switzerland), Eleanore Winters (USA) and finally Hermann Zapf and more recently, especially the internationally well-known Denis Brown, have influenced, inspired and influenced him a lot. Meanwhile, he also likes to pass on knowledge and skills in courses and work shops.

In regularly held calligraphy courses in the Bildungshäusern Kloster Schwarzenberg (Middle Franconia), Schüttbau Rügheim, Schmerlenbach (Lower Franconia) and in some adult education centers in the region, the rare become literary art taught and practiced, often aroused real interest in the ancient cultural heritage font.

Gosbert Stark lives and works in Karlstadt am Main, where he also runs an office under the company name
G. Stark, Kaligraphy & amp; Graphic design.
Clients are u.a. the University of Würzburg, Lower Franconia, industrial and commercial enterprises, municipalities, churches, monasteries, associations, private individuals and since 2003 the world-famous company Käthe Wohlfahrt in Rothenburg odT, where Stark still individually for an international Christmas Audience with great success labeled Christmas balls.

“Body and voice lend the writing to the dumb thought,
through the centuries of electricity, the talking sheet carries it. ”
Friedrich Schiller