PC and laptop repair

PC and laptop repair


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PC and laptop repair

Ob pc or laptop repair – immediate help with problems in würzburg and surroundings

  • Hangs up
  • Only displays error messages
  • Constantly crashes
  • Or can not even turn on

then you are with us at exactly the right address! Because we repair your equipment quickly and inexpensively in and around Würzburg. Just contact us via our contact form .

PC and laptop repair

We make sure that you get your broken device usually repaired within 24-48h. If the repair should take a little longer, you will of course be informed in advance.


We try our best to bring your most important work equipment as soon as possible into operational readiness. Do not be afraid to contact us on Sundays and public holidays . If you do not want to or can not bring your computer or laptop to us, we will gladly pick it up from you and bring it back after completing the repair!

We welcome computers and laptops of all brands and ages for repair. We eliminate hardware and software issues of all kinds, including:

  • Error analysis and repair
  • Replacement of defective PC components
  • Installation of drivers
  • Installation and reinstallation of operating systems and software of all kinds
  • Data recovery from defective hard disks
  • Creating backups
PC and laptop repair

Costs: After a detailed error analysis, we will contact you and give you information about the costs to you. In addition, we will inform you if the repair costs exceed the actual value of your computer or laptop and a new acquisition would be more appropriate.


Bild: We also like to format your PC on request and make it fit for everyday use. Source: George Dolgikh – 213172582 / shutterstock.com


For a PC to work, it needs an operating system. The most well-known operating system is that of the company Microsoft, which became known under the name “Windows”. If you provide us with a licensed version, we will install the operating system on the PC and prepare it for the inclusion of further application programs.

PC and laptop repair


For a PC to work, it needs an operating system. The most well-known operating system is that of the company Microsoft, which became known under the name “Windows”. If you provide us with a licensed version, we will install the operating system on the PC and prepare it for the inclusion of further application programs.

PC and laptop repair


Linux is a modular operating system that can run on any modern device today. It is used both as a desktop system and as an operating system for smartphones and tablets. Even servers often work with Linux. Provide us with your version of Linux and we will install the program on your device and configure it to your liking.

PC and laptop repair


Image: Your computer is infected by malware? We’re here to help. Source: wk1003mike – 199842104 / shutterstock.com


A virus is a malicious program that is intentionally installed by others or unintentionally by itself and often without knowledge on the PC. The particular disadvantage is that computer viruses can reproduce themselves through interaction with other programs and infect a large number of computers via the Internet or email programs. If they become active on the PC, they can make harmful changes to the hardware, the operating system or other software. We remove such computer viruses, so that the PC runs smoothly again.

PC and laptop repair


Trojan horses, called Trojans for short, enter the PC with useful utilities. While the user is using the utility, the Trojan will run in the background and install a program that can also cause damage to the operating system, hardware, or other programs. The most common transmission path is the download of programs and music files on the Internet or via attachments of spam mails. We check the PC for trojan infestation and remove it.

PC and laptop repair


These are computer programs that only perform unwanted functions with the intention of harming the PC. Often such programs run completely in the background and will be noticed only with obvious damage. Malware can also be used to compromise the security of the antivirus software installed on the PC, for example by restricting the firewall’s functionality. We will remove any type of malware from your PC so that there are no security vulnerabilities in accessing the Internet.

PC and laptop repair


The German equivalent for spyware are the terms “snoop program” or “spy program”. They are developed to access the private data of a computer owner and to pass them on to third parties or to generate unwanted advertisements. In addition to virus removal, trojan removal and malware removal, our service includes the removal of any spyware on your PC.

PC and laptop repair


Image: Our experienced employees are happy to take care of the server maintenance for you. Trust us and benefit from our experience. Source: stigmatize – 339622151 / shutterstock.com

In information technology, servers are both software programs and special computers running these server programs. The latter are also referred to in the jargon as a host. A simple example of a host is running only one server software. Often, however, the power of a single host is no longer enough to handle the tasks of a server. This is the case, for example, with well-frequented online shops, where large amounts of data have to be processed by the customers. Then there is also the option of interconnecting multiple hosts into a network. One then speaks of a computer cluster. Server software programs are installed on all hosts and the cluster presents itself to the clients as a single server. which are connected via their client to the server, do not know which host is running which part of their order. In technical terms, the expert refers to the server as a distributed system. If there are any malfunctions in this system, we will check carefully whether the source of the error lies with the software or the hardware. The server repair requires expert knowledge, because data loss can occur very fast. For an efficient and fast server repair, customers should pay attention to the following points: The server repair requires expert knowledge, because data loss can occur very fast. For an efficient and fast server repair, customers should pay attention to the following points: The server repair requires expert knowledge, because data loss can occur very fast. For an efficient and fast server repair, customers should pay attention to the following points:

• We need a precise description of the error.
• Important data should be backed up to external storage before repair.
• Include installation media and license numbers for the repair order.

We examine the meaningfulness of a repair and advise you competently regarding cost-effective alternatives. In many cases, the software is flawed and can be easily remedied by manufacturer-supplied updates and updates.

For example, if there is an irreparable hard disk failure, you may incur subsequent costs for reinstalling the operating system, installing the programs you use, and taking over the data.

Of course we also take over the server maintenance. For smooth operations and permanent protection against attacks and attacks from outside, continuous monitoring and maintenance of the servers is essential.

PC and laptop repair


Bild: We take care of your raid problems. Contact us today and we will make you an offer. Source: Pixza Studio – 302314952 / shutterstock.com

RAID is the abbreviation of the English term “Redundant Array of Independent Disks” and means in German as “redundant arrangement of independent hard disks”. With RAID systems, multiple physical mass storage such as hard disk drives or solid state drives can be organized and connected to a logical drive. They not only allow greater data throughput, but also offer greater reliability. Problems that can occur with such a system are:

  •  Defective controllers
  •  Incorrectly produced data carrier series
  •  Rebuild after failure of one or more hard disks in the RAID system
  •  Resizing or expansion with additional storage media
PC and laptop repair

Our scope of services includes the server repair of server RAID systems as well as the increase of the net capacity. The use of several small, inexpensive storage media can contribute to a significant cost reduction. Server repair and server RAID problems can lead to existential problems in a company because, for example, the website of an online shop no longer works. Therefore, both server repair and server RAID work should be left to the expert.


Image: Your laptop is broken? Come to us and let us advise you. Source: Andrey_Popov – 299702711 / shutterstock.com

Our service does not just cover the repair of desktops. Laptops are also quickly and cost-effectively checked for errors and repaired if necessary. Even with laptops, components such as memory and drives can be exchanged or repaired. Therefore, our service includes the laptop repair. Laptops are also referred to as notebooks, so the notebook repair is also included in our scope of services. Netbooks are smaller laptops designed for mobile use. Of course, the netbook repair will be taken over by us.

For laptops, notebooks and netbooks we offer the following services:

  • Replacing the display for laptops, notebooks and netbooks
  • Replacing the keyboard
  • Internal cleaning of all types of equipment
  • Fault diagnosis and cost estimate for insurance companies
PC and laptop repair

Our other services include, of course, with the mobile computers, the installation and installation, the installation of add-on cards and other enhancements such as memory increases, backup and protection against viruses and other malicious programs, backup by backup to external media and the review of the system configuration. Just contact us via our  contact form .


Image: If a hardware component is broken, our friendly service team will be happy to help. The hardware repair we do quickly and conscientiously. Source: rtbilder – 285245765 / shutterstock.com.

It is not always easy to see which hardware is defective and does not work properly. This can start with the power supply, but also affect the basic components of the computer architecture such as motherboard or processor. Reparable components are repaired by us or replaced by new parts. Often it is only small errors on the hardware that do not make a PC run smoothly. Errors on the monitor plug or a shaky picture on the monitor are mistakes that can be repaired in a few simple steps. We repair hardware under more favorable conditions, as the new acquisition of the equipment at costs would cause. Therefore, avoid unnecessary new purchases if you can have your device repaired for little money.

There are a number of diagnostic programs and tools available on the market that suggest users can fix hardware problems. We generally advise against such programs, as they may do more harm than repair. Leave the fault diagnosis to the expert. This does not invalidate any warranty claims. For computers operating in industrial environments, the fans regularly carry dirt and dust into the equipment, which can reduce their service life. Therefore, after a few years, it may happen that the fan stops spinning and the computer is not cooled sufficiently. In this case we check and clean the controller so that the computer is not spared overheating of all components.

Some components of the PC must be replaced from time to time by a hardware replacement of new parts. In addition to the repair of hardware, we also offer the complete hardware replacement by new parts. If it is a part of relevant data, such as the hard disk, our service also includes the rescue of data. That the hardware is defective, is not always the same. The problems of a computer can also be due to defective or missing drivers or due to an incorrect configuration of the operating system. We check all possibilities and, if possible, repair defective components such as the motherboard, circuit boards, drives or expansion cards. If the repair is more expensive than the new purchase of the component in question,

The hardware of a computer generally includes the following components:

  • The basic components of the computer architecture: These are primarily the motherboard, the processor and the main memory (RAM).
  • Memory components such as hard disk drive, flash memory, CD-ROM drive, and DVD drive.
  • Expansion cards: These include the graphics card, sound card, or network card. Other additional cards may be the TV card, the ISDN card or the USB card.
  • The outer shell of the computer, consisting of power supply and housing and the fan
  • Other peripherals that are connected to the computer, such as printer, monitor, video projector and speakers
  • Input devices such as keyboard, mouse or joystick
  •  Various types of readers such as scanners, Microphones or card readers
PC and laptop repair

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