SEO Audit for Magento


SEO Audit for Magento

A comprehensive SEO Audit for Magento allows your site to pinpoint weaknesses in your Magento SEO strategy and competitive analysis and provide specific recommendations for improving your SEO-friendly website. The SEO Audit for Magento provides insight into basic technical and structural issues, and shows you ways to improve all aspects of SEO, SEO Audit for Magento to help you solve complex issues SEO issues, uncover lost search engine rankings and increase your sales. SEO Audit for Magento includes comprehensive measures for your development team, your marketing team and your SEO team. They contain a clear plan for recovery or SEO improvements with a prioritized list of action steps based on impact and complexity.

SEO Audit for Magento

What areas does the SEO Audit for Magento cover?

A SEO Audit for Magento usually focuses on the following areas: Content:

  • Meta Content
  • Content of the website
  • Website construction
  • Sitemaps
  • URLs
  • Other optimization factors on the page
  • 400 Error handling

Visibility and organic traffic analysis:

  • Suchvolumen
  • Ranking your websiten
  • Categorize ranking keywords in navigation and informationn
  • Check the historical performancen
  • Mobile SEOn
  • Selective page and segment analysisn
  • Keyword analysisn
  • Analysis of the website searchn

Link profile:

  • Types of linksn
  • Link distributionn
  • Anker textn
  • Link building tacticsn
  • Technical SEO
  • Double contentn
  • Off site duplicatesn
  • Using JavaScriptn
  • Crawling problemsn


To perform an SEO Audit for Magento on your website, you need read and analyze access to your Google Analytics account, Google Search feature with full user access, and Magento backend access to the system configuration , URL overrides, the product catalog, etc. After the investigation phase, the results and objectives for the SEO Audit for Magento are set. The timeframe for completing a SEO Audit for Magento is two to three weeks. The final version of the audit contains a prioritized list of all problems in order of impact and complexity.
This list usually contains:

  • A summary of the results with priorities
  • A detailed explanation of the results and suggested solutions
  • Checking the Google Search Console setup and reported expenses
  • Traffic checks for known algorithm update data
  • Indexanalyse
  • On-site markup analysis (URL structure, microdata, HTMl, etc.)
  • Speed ​​and performance analysis (HTTP requests, optimizations, expire headers, etc.)

This is a solid foundation and the first step on the road to improving your search engine rankings and maximizing your online marketing efforts.


Best practices for SEO Audit for Magento are constantly changing. Therefore, it is important to conduct periodic reviews regardless of the technical stability of your website.
Investing in SEO Audit for Magento is a great way to get valuable information about the status of your Magento store, as you may have a significant portion of traffic, customers and revenue due to a faulty technical SEO. Facility is missing. Increase your revenue and improve your online visibility by requesting a Magento SEO Audit today.

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