Technical Audit for Magento

Technisches Audit for Magento

Technisches Audit for Magento

Definition and Meaning

The main purpose of the Magento Technical Audit is to identify any potential issues and threats that may impact your site’s performance. With Magento Technical Audit you can develop custom proposals and create a detailed implementation plan for your website.

Technical Audit for Magento

How do you know that Magento’s technical audit is exactly what you need?
The following describes what Magento’s Technical Audit can detect and fix on your website:

    1. Speed ​​and Performance: Magento Technical Audit analyzes the speed of the front or back end. So you can reduce low speeds and load times. Magento Technical Audit analyzes the performance of the website, the category page, the product list page, the product page, the shopping cart page and the checkout page of the website. This phase also includes analysis of server configuration, cache configuration, URL rewriting, error logs, and re indexing process.
    2. Magento Technical Audit can uncover and redirect issues of any kind.
    3. Technical audit reduces high maintenance costs
    4. Magento Technical Audit solves difficult indexing issues
    5. Code and Database: The code is checked and compared with the core code to make sure no changes have been made. Technical audit goes deeper into the code to make sure the best practices are followed.
    6. Third-party extensions: Magento Technical Audit analyzes the code and implementation of third-party extensions to ensure that they work as intended and do not cause performance issues.

Why do you need a Magento technical audit ?

Regardless of whether you have problems with your website or not, a Magento Technical Audit is a smart strategic decision to fully understand how well your website works and how powerful your website is. Magento Technical Audit first performs an in-depth analysis of your website and provides you with a detailed report on the results. This technical approach takes into account the day-to-day operational aspects of your business and only recommends methods and tricks that will most effectively enhance your website and business. Your Magento Magento Technical Audit is conducted by a Magento Certified Senior Developer and takes approximately four to twelve hours, depending on the size of your site.
The analysis includes:

  1. Privacy and Security of the Website: Magento Technical Audit analyzes the security level of your website. So it reveals how hard it is to access your site through DDOS attacks.
  2. Your website’s performance and scalability will be evaluated.
  3. Upgrade potential for Magento core and third-party modules.
  4. Based on the analysis, best practices and other ways to optimize your website are suggested.
  5. The Magento Technical Audit and the development of solutions is only done internally.

Magento is a very helpful and effective ecommerce platform. It is being integrated into the website by more and more companies.

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