Usability Audit for Magento

Usability Audit for Magento

Usability Audit for Magento

Why the Usability Audit for Magento is an indispensable tool

Magento is one of the most powerful and robust e-commerce platforms out there. It offers solutions for every product you can imagine. Each product can be configured and sold through Magento. Despite its power, your Magento shop can succumb to the ubiquitous pitfalls of any online store: low conversion rates, high bounce rates, and disappointed users.

Usability Audit for Magento

The key is not just to follow a set of guidelines and hope for the best, but to do a thorough audit of your online store that fits your unique brand and product line. Your job is to find individual solutions that fit your business, the business philosophy and, of course, your customers. With the help of Usability Audit of Magento, some of these solutions can be made visible.

Magento usability audit for your brand

The first part of an in-depth analysis, Magento’s usability audit, is to start with a typical best practices analysis. There are many online resources that define what these best practices are. Once these basics have been identified, you can proceed with a special analysis. These best practices include examining a few obvious parts of your website.

  • Navigation best practices: navigation, categories well divided, usability
  • Home best practices: Good design, enough information, promotions should be the focus
  • Best practices for design and branding: Attractive design, matching font size, right color selection
  • Best Shopping Practices: Easy to find, easy to spot,

Closer analysis – what’s behind the Magento Usability Audit?

Magento Usability Audit requires more detailed analysis. The best practices described above are just the starting point for your usability review. To really improve your usability, you need to fully understand the psychology of your customer base. Using tools like Google Analytics to analyze who your users are, what pages they access most, and where they access the site is important but not sufficient. You need to know why they act that way. For this purpose, more advanced tools are used to get a bigger picture.

The tools of the Magento usability audit at a glance:

Heat Maps

The Usability Audit of Magento requires so-called heat maps. Heatmaps are used to help with conversion improvements. Which areas of the site are users clicking on? With hundreds or even thousands of visitors providing heatmap data, it can uncover flaws in page design and navigation features. Why does one key receive twice as many user actions as another? This information can provide insights into your customer base. ‘Hotjar’ is a great tool for this type of data.

Click streams

For the analysis around the Usability Audit of Magento click analyzes or clickstreams can be particularly useful. Use this tool to explain your users’ opinions based on a search term and a reference source. This analysis can shed light on how your customers think, and give you answers as to why your site might work differently than expected. ‘Opentracker’ is a great tool for clickstream data.

User Test

Another tool in Magento’s Usability Audit are the test extensions. With A / B test extensions, you can easily set up product views that display different attributes and product groups for different users. So you can act accordingly. Frequently asked questions and Product Question Extensions give your customers the ability to engage with you and other customers to understand how they perceive your site and offers. ‘Amasty’ is one of the most popular plugin developers for these analysis and user engagement tools.

Surveys and Feedback

The biggest benefit of surveys within the Usability Audit of Magento is that the information you receive is optional, and honest feedback is important when analyzing the expectations of your customers.

To sum up, the Magento Usability Audit can be a significant guide to the path to success and should not be ignored.

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