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WordPress development by supporting a WordPress agency

A highly functional website can help you build your brand and transform your business with a meaningful web presence. It would not only reflect your brand values, business goals and visions with your target audience, but also help you reach your digital goals. WordPress is now the most popular and popular content management (CMS) system, with more than 27 percent of the World Wide Web sites benefiting from this technology. No wonder many companies use WordPress to drive their digital ambitions. Most companies turn to a WordPress agency to create the perfect website for their own business. The following explains in more detail what to look for when choosing a WordPress Agentur Würzburg and how to develop WordPress.

How do I find the right WordPress Agency ?

A good web strategy

An experienced WordPress agency should offer a clear strategy that gives your business a strong presence and trustworthiness. A good website turns your visitors into valuable customers. What should I do? First you have to ask your WordPress Agentur Würzburg to explain their methodology in detail. Make sure the WordPress Agency has the ability to achieve your goals. The methodology must explain when the project is completed, when it is completed and if it is within your budget.

Portfolio of the WordPress Agency

It is important that you inquire about the WordPress Agentur Würzburg portfolio to know your potential partner. You need to know how the WordPress Agency works. So get the best possible impression.

Take a look at the value for money – value vs. price. Cost

The effort is undoubtedly an important issue when hiring a WordPress agency . Important: Saving is good, but not always the best decision in WordPress. So how can you easily set the cost for your project? Take a look at what you have already spent and compare the numbers. What did you spend on your brand, advertising, radio or other media last year? Ask your WordPress Agentur Würzburg if she can give you a fair estimate and processing time. Do not forget that it’s about value, not just the cost. Before you spend money, check whether it is the right decision for you or not.

Scalability on the WordPress Agency

An experienced WordPress agency Würzburg can help you with the scaling of your website with various options. There are countless plugins and widgets that can be used to add the required functionality. This is where WordPress comes into play. WordPress is an intuitive and easy-to-use content management system that lets you easily update and publish content, and import media such as photos, videos, and graphics. This will help you keep up with the demand for new content on your website.

Custom creatives of the WordPress Agency

Since every business has a unique value proposition, the design of your website should also adapt to your digital goals in terms of user experience, functionality, and aesthetics. Your WordPress Agentur Würzburg needs to be able to customize WordPress themes and create custom websites to tailor the design to your brand needs.

WordPress Agency should work safely and efficiently

Your potential WordPress agency must have the internal resources to ensure the security of the website. It must also be able to fix security breaches. You should also be able to rate and recognize which WordPress plugins are useful and reputable, so they are not vulnerable to cyber threats.

Capabilities a WordPress Agency should have


HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. HTML forms the basis for a WordPress agency and is therefore one of the most important skills that a WordPress Agentur Würzburg should master. With HTML knowledge, an agency can actually understand how the web works and can respond to any eventuality.


CSS determines the design and visual image of a web page. Therefore, HTML is one of the most important programs that a WordPress agency should master. CSS is a basic skill for a WordPress agency Würzburg and web developer. CSS is not so valuable to backend web engineers, but to frontend developers.


JavaScript is responsible for the interactive links of a website. JavaScript is just as important for a WordPress agency as HTML. JavaScript is integrated into many websites and applications and must be part of the repertoire of a WordPress Agentur Würzburg .

Alternative Programming Languages ​​and Programs (PHP and ASP)

To create a website, various programming languages ​​and programs can be used. Besides the ones listed above, there are PHP and ASP. PHP is a programming language and is one of the things that a WordPress agency has to master.

SEO knowledge

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is helpful for anyone who creates websites. SEO is about ranking the website higher within a search engine. For this purpose, the content is revised and provided with necessary keywords, so that the text receives a higher ranking and can be found faster by potential customers. Every WordPress agency should have the basic knowledge. It is part of the daily work. SEO is becoming increasingly important, especially in the digital age. More and more people are searching online for the necessary information. Therefore, it is very important for a WordPress agency Würzburg to have the necessary SEO knowledge.

Portable Support

Today’s web uses an amazing array of gadgets and screen sizes. A WordPress agency must have the required technical resources. A WordPress agency Würzburg must be able to create websites in different sizes. With these listed basic practices and abilities, every WordPress agency should be equipped. However, there are some other important skills that will help a WordPress agency grow the business.

Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is of enormous importance to a company. A WordPress agency should always act strategically and think in order to survive in the long term.


Every WordPress agency should work purposefully so that customers know what they are up to. This ability helps the WordPress Agency improve performance. Planning is very important for setting goals. You need to be able to allocate the resources correctly.

Develop WordPress

Now that you know what to look for when choosing a WordPress agency , it’s important to know what WordPress development looks like.
Why do most people use WordPress to create a website? Unlike website builders, it is completely free and is also popular with a WordPress agency . WordPress is the simplest platform (usability and handling), but flexible enough to appeal to all businesses, small business websites, online stores, larger organizations, etc. WordPress is the most popular format and is not overpriced by more than 50% the web developer (private person and wordpress agency) used.

1st Get webhosting and register a domain name

You needed two things when setting up WordPress:

  • Domain Name (a web address like yoursite.com)
  • Webhosting (Web hosting connects your website to the Internet)

To save your pictures, content and website files, you need web hosting. Without web hosting your website will not be visible on the internet. Check with your WordPress agency to learn more about this topic. An own domain name looks much more serious and professional. So potential customers will connect the domain with your company and name. In short, without a webhosting and domain name, your website does not exist. Your WordPress Agentur Würzburg will assist you with webhosting.

second Set up your website

After setting up your domain name and hosting, start your website. First, you need to install WordPress in your domain. Here, the WordPress Agentur Würzburg can be sure to assist you.

third Design your website

The first steps are done and the skeleton of the website is ready. You will be presented with a blank page that can now be designed. Now the design follows. Design your website to fit your business. Tell your WordPress agency about your preferences, goals and ways of working to create a website with a perfect design. There are over 1500 fantastic, professionally designed themes to choose from and customize. Most WordPress designs are free to use and highly customizable.

4th Tailored content

No matter how nice a website, it will not hurt you if the content is wrong or does not suit you. Spend a lot of time making your website exactly the way you want it to.


Choosing the right WordPress agency can play a crucial role in achieving your company’s digital goals. Inquire in detail about a potential WordPress Agentur Würzburg and stick to the above points. So nothing stands in the way of your perfect website.

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