Relaunch for WordPress


Relaunch for WordPress

WordPress Relaunch – Redesign of the Legacy

What is a WordPress Relaunch ? A question that we would like to answer. Relaunch for WordPress ? it is typically the redesign of a website under WordPress. This redesign in turn takes so much work that a normal editing of the website would be out of the question. With a WordPress Relaunch ? Therefore, the website is usually completely revised and then re-published. Therefore, this is sometimes made inaccessible to visitors for a short period of time. In general, a WordPress Relaunch involves many risks, which are primarily reflected in the loss of the ranking and thus in the loss of visitors. However, to mitigate or completely eliminate these risks, there are a number of important planning steps to consider.

When is a WordPress Relaunch in question?

A WordPress relaunch may come at different times: on the one hand, this can be done if there are serious bugs on the particular web page. For example, these may be errors in the formatting, design, or design of the particular web page. Especially with updates such errors are not excluded. Likewise, a WordPress relaunch can be made if the respective website is to be redesigned. If, for example, the theme is changed, a relaunch must take place. Even in the case of major changes to the content or the structure of the respective website, a relaunch must generally take place.

Relaunch your WordPress plan properly!

In order to be able to successfully launch a relaunch of WordPress without losing visitors and rankings, the planning of the relaunch is the be-all and end-all! On the one hand, an overview of the old and the new structure of the website should be made. It is thus possible to see at a glance which factors need to be changed in order to achieve the new structure of the website. In addition, the purpose of the relaunch should also be established. At this can also be determined whether the target customers or the target visitors of the website can be reached or not. Above all, the relaunch should also be scheduled in time. Too long, a relaunch for WordPress should never take, as the loss of rankings could otherwise be more serious.

Note 301 redirects, themes, and plug-ins!

Since the transformation of the respective website often also changes the structure of the individual pages and subpages, attention must be paid to the permalinks. These lead to the pages and subpages and are also changed automatically by a change of the page structure or the names of the pages. If the permalinks change, then the pages and subpages can no longer be called up or found under the old links. Therefore, so-called “301 redirects” have to be set up in the WordPress Relaunch . These allow the Google bot or visitor to be automatically redirected in the future. In addition, the respective page or subpage is permanently moved to the new address by a 301 redirect. Without a 301 redirect, pages and subpages may no longer be found after the relaunch, leading to a ranking loss. If in the course of the relaunch for WordPress the theme of the respective website is changed, it should be noted that in most cases the structure of the website has to be redesigned, as the pagebuilders of the themes are often used to build websites , Therefore, in view of a relaunch for WordPress , it is always advisable to build up the structure of the respective website using plug-ins if possible. In the future, work can be saved by doing so.

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